Why in the comment section on the music videos are so cringe?

Since YouTube has been around for over a decade, it’s no surprise that some people have come up with cringy and strange YouTube comments over the years.

It’s common sense that is better to watch a music video and share ideas and opinions related to the video, to make a relevant comment section. However, if you go through the first few comments of every video, you will see there are always cringy and strange comments which make no sense to the video.

And the people who are posting them, I don’t know what they are thinking before writing it. So, today we will go through some of those comments and see the unusual people’s reaction to the video!

(And, the next time you want to leave a comment on YouTube, please avoid the ones on this list)

What Did I Just Watch?

Similar to the “weird part of YouTube” comment, There are always some people who post comments after watching the video and which are completely random and unrelated, so let’s look at some.


Well, we have seen this a thousand time especially when a video has just been published.

Did you see my tiny comment?

This one is the most common, and you will see it on every video. I don’t know why do people put these comments. Let me know what you think about it.

Weird random comments

Here, the user is expressing his birthday on the Youtube comment section of a famous music video. So, some people do it to get a little attention.

Nostalgia comments

Thoughtful nostalgia comments are widespread, and you will see them on most of the videos. Where people talk about the old generation of music and how it was better. Old times, will always be better. In 10 years we will read the same about today.

Lyrics experts of a Music video

When you are done watching a music video, go to the comment section and always find someone explaining or narrating the lyrics. So, if you don’t know the lyrics scroll down, and you will have it. Not really weird, but why do people do this? Some for likes, some maybe really wanna be helpful. Who knows.

Cracking random jokes in comments

Making people laugh is a good thing, but doing it in comments that don’t make any sense to the video is weird. However, it is always good.

How you are watching the video…and promotion in comments

You will always see these copy paste comments about how you are watching the video, and always with lots of likes (probably the reason people keep copying them). Sometimes you are laying in the bed, other times you have socks or you should be studying.

On the above screenshot you also see the classic promotion, sometimes even promoting completely unrelated stuff. Some people like to use YouTube comment section to put their brand name and products for promotional value. And when it’s not even related, it makes it a little weird.


Everyone indeed has an artist among them. But some people take it more seriously and show their talents in the comment section of the video. I guess it will be better if they start posting videos about their poetry on their channel, which can work out rather than posting it on the comments, which is kind of weird.

YouTube Deserves a little Better than this.

After years of making these same tired old YouTube comments, it’s time for us to do something better and try to avoid leaving these comments yourself on the comment section, and instead, come up with more original content related to the video, which is highly admirable and can help the channel to grow more than anything, and have an interesting discussion in the comments.

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