How to promote your music track on the web – 2021 tips

Music is something which everybody likes to listen to and depending on the taste people listen to different kinds of music.

The magic of music encourage some of us to create our own music to give people emotions and great experience. But sometimes, especially as a starter or someone who doesn’t have a premium agency promoting his track, getting people to listen to it might be difficult. From here, the desire of many artists to promote their track.

If you have your music tracks and want to promote them on the web, this article will help you.

First of all, we need to know how to promote your music track and what essentials you will need. 

The Essential Guide to promote your music track

Promoting your music spreads and grows your fanbase which advances your career. Then how to promote your music track succesfully?

This guide will get simple steps to promote your track with an effective music promotion strategy and without wasting money.

Make good music

Make great music as you need great tracks first. If you create something which the audience likes to hear, then definitely it will spread like viral. And, promotion only pushes a path to the top. Your roots need to be strong, which is your track, so create a music track that takes your commitment to the listeners and takes the best out of you. After you are done with it, listen to it and feel it is the Woahh you are looking for; if yes, go to the next step.

Make sure you own it all

Get licensed and make sure you use original beats so that there will be no copyright issues and any other legal constraints. Nobody will bother or notice when it’s first released but if it works out, it might su*k to have copyright issues once the tracks starts to get viral, and see all the efforts vanish.

Write a music press release

Write a music press release to let your audience know about the music you created and to get more authority as an artist. Press releases can be quite cheap in 2021.

Create a fanbase

Create a fanbase to reach the audience who seek the same taste of music as yours. A solid fanbase will also help boost all your future tracks and motivate you to work harder.

Share your music on social media

And not just with friends. If used properly social media has excellent power and can do wonders to you and your music. We will soon update a guide on how to get lots of traffic on the track with social media which is, as you might guess, a 100% free promotion method.

Now, we will talk depper about the last two steps, fanbase and social media

  1. Create a fanbase: The goal of your promotion is to create a fanbase to connect with people who support your music by streaming your tracks, attending your shows, and show love towards your music. But building a fanbase from the bottom is difficult at first, but don’t worry, it will happen and the great news is that over time fanbases can only grow. Fanbase are the roots of your music promotion, people who motivate you and people who can share the music to friends or their own fanbase. The best way to start a fanbase is to have a personal and “intimate” relationships with fans through social media pages. Over time, great music will do most of the job – but never forget to stay connected to your fans, since they are the people who drive your success and love your music.
  2. Share your music on social media: Social media can highly affect your fanbase, and sharing your music on different social media platforms can increase your audience to the top levels. Most people, these days use social media accounts, so it is the best way to reach maximum people with minimal cost. If you promote your tracks in the right places you can also find highy relevant potential fanbase. For example, if you create a EDM tracks share it on EDM groups and pages. Two tips when it comes to social media promotion. First, don’t be invasive but rather be humble and kind, or you might come off as spamming. Second, alternate direct promotion with indirect promotion. Find more about this strategy in our social media tracks promotion guide.

In the web

Web is not just social media’s. There are many ways available on the internet to promote your track of music which are:

  1. Create your music website: If you can create your website and promote your music on your site, that would be a good idea to start with, and as many people visit your site, they will listen to your songs. But remember that this is harder than it seems and using already established websites to get traffic, such as soundcloud and YouTube, might be a better solution. In fact…
  2. Another option is to post your music on music websites like Spotify, Soundcloud, Reddit music and other platforms as they have a massive audience around the world and can take your fanbase to the top.
  3. Share your music on a social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. These are massive platforms, and they share more than just pictures of people. Just upload And can help out to reach millions of listeners to your music track. If you want to integrate with paid promotion, the best way is through youtube ads promotion, and we will discuss it now.

Youtube Ads Promotion

Youtube can give you a huge opportunity to be famous and enhance your fanbases like Justin Beiber and Carly Rae, artists who were discovered on Youtube among many others. The platform provides a perfect opportunity to organize your playlists and showcase your music videos.

Youtube ads are the underpriced resource in promoting your music tracks, and they can get you the targeted audience faster than any other means. You can run your ad before other music videos or any other music channels related to your genre of music.

It is good because you don’t have to pay unless someone either clicks through to your music video or watches the full 30 seconds of your ad, so you only have to pay if you get results, and that I think is the best way to do marketing.

How to do it

  • You can start your Youtube Ad Campaign by setting up a Google AdWords account and choosing a video campaign, and after that, go to your youtube account and go to your channel and the “Youtube Studio.”
  •  Select the video and click on promote option.
  • It will take you to your Google Adwords account and then, You are ready to promote your track or music video, by targeting the people interests you prefer, the countries they live in and the language they speak.

Now, you must be thinking about why I should promote my music on youtube? So, here is the 3 reasons

Why youtube ads is the best method to promote your music track

  • #1 website is Google today, and Google owns YouTube. So, there is no more significant reach on the web than Google and YouTube together, and also it can be done with low cost and no effort thanks to the many Google partners agencies out there.
  • You can target people pretty much about anything: age, sex, country, interests. This allows you to maximize your budget results finding people who potentially are more interested into your music
  • It is the cheapest promotion method. Depending on your settings cost may vary, but you can really get 1000 views for as low as 1$, and you pay views only when users watch 30 seconds at least.
  • You get only real people. Sounds as a pointless statement but it’s not. Third party agencies or low quality networks might count or include bot traffic into your campaigns, which can surelly increase your video/post count but will be in no way effective in terms of fanbase growth and music virality.

So, it’s time to start music promotion now. Best of luck and we hope this guide helped you.

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