Career for someone who loves music and sports

You are a music or sports fan and looking for career options about what to do. We will then discuss what careers to choose from, and being a fan of music and sports is excellent. These two things are essential in life. One is to stay active and healthy, and the other is for being mentally sound.

Want to pursue a career in music? 

Okay, if you are a music fan and want to choose it as a career, check out these jobs to help you reach that goal.

Musicians are just one of the many moving parts that help the music industry run. This creative industry needs more than instruments and performers, so there are multiple paths you can take to be part of it.

Social media’s influencer

Today musicians no longer need millions of fans to make them profitable. Social media has enabled fans to segment themselves into fandoms or large supporting groups, allowing musicians to make substantial income based on their talent, endorsements, ads, or views. So, you can pursue this career if you want to promote music on the social media platform.

And, if you want to choose a music career, then it’s well and good to have a business degree in music; with this education, more doors will be open for you to choose from.

Jobs you can get with a music business degree

You don’t have to be a performer to work in the music industry. For instance, here are ten behind-the-scenes jobs for music lovers.

Video and sound engineers

Video and sound engineers have one of the highest-paying jobs in the music industry. In this role, you’re responsible for mapping the sound and voice effects for video games and editing movies and songs. 

Recording engineers

Recording engineers record, edit, and mix sound for artists or music companies. And they manage the artistic and technical aspects of the recording session. 

Music teacher

As a music teacher, you can help students develop their talents and teach them the fundamentals of music. Schools or academies are ideal settings, or you can hold your classes and programs. 


In today’s electronic and EDM music world, being a DJ is an outstanding career; you can gain fame, money, and many more if you are good at what you are doing using your mastery of music and beats to entertain crowds. 

Musical therapist

Musical therapists use sound to help improve the mental state of others. Many people find music to be therapeutic, calming the mind and helping them cope with difficult situations. Music therapists work with patients to manage their stress and pain, both emotional and physical, with music’s power. But for this one, you have to have the proper certification to pursue this career.


Lyricists or songwriters are a massive part of the music-making process. Each song tells a story, and the charm of words can make a No. If you have a knack for poetry, you should consider becoming a lyricist for a musician, sharing your own stories and experiences.

Music franchise owner

Being a music franchise owner allows you to explore the entrepreneurial side of music. An outlet that offers musicians affordable equipment to channel their passion by promoting their love of the art and support for the industry.

So, we have talked about music. Now, let’s see what sports can bring you to your career.

Want to pursue a career in Sports? 

Basketball Player

Basketball is a very famous game, and if you are also some of the people interested in playing basketball, you should think of this career. There is a vast scope in this sport, and if you are good at basketball, you can be famous. Like, Micheal Jordan who is known for his legacy, so you can be the next one.

 Baseball Player

Baseball is a very famous game in western countries like the US. And if you are good at baseball, then you must go for this career.

 Football Player

Ouf of the ten people you will find, eight will be a fan of football, so football is very famous in the entire world. If you are also inspired by great footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr, or Lionel Messi, you should pursue this career. It has a great scope and money which can be yours too. So keep a mindset and work for it.

Sports Broadcaster

The people who announce live sporting events and provide commentary and analysis of teams and athletes. Are the sports broadcasters? They prepare for broadcasts by researching and studying the performance of athletes and stories of personal interest.


Coach is the backbone of any team. If you know a particular game and think that you can teach other people on the team how to win a game, you should look out for this career. If you know the game and are confident about it, then there is nothing to stop you.

Sports Executive or General Manager

General managers and team presidents hire coaches and administrative staff for their organizations. They assess their teams’ strengths and weaknesses, oversee the drafting of players, and orchestrate trades with other teams. However, Sports executives oversee the development of sponsorship and promotional arrangements. If you are thinking of making good money, then this could be an option for you.

Sports Physician

Sports doctors or physicians are specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of athletes’ injuries. They may work directly for a team or maintain an individual or group practice that treats local athletes. Sports physicians prescribe and interpret tests to determine the nature and extent of injuries. They design rehabilitation programs to expedite the recovery of athletes from injury.


Umpires and referees are the people who are the rules and regulations of a game. To pursue this career, you must study the rules of the sport and apply them instantly to game situations. 

Entertainment or Music and Sports Together

Suppose you are engaged in both and want to pursue a career in both of the categories. Then these are the options available to you.

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